Today on the tray: Lager

grenadierDecember 10 is National Lager Day.

According to, “Lager is the dominant style of beer throughout the world, except in England where ale is the favorite style. The only real difference between ale and lager is that ales ferment and age quickly at warm temperatures, while lagers ferment and age slowly at cool temperatures…To celebrate National Lager Day, head to your favorite pub and enjoy a refreshing brew of your favorite lager or try brewing your own!”

This vintage commercial for Heileman’s Old Style Lager has it all: period costumes, an animated sequence, and a catchy jingle/drinking song. “Ask for the beer of the grenadier!”

Heileman’s Old Style Lager commercial (1952)

Here’s to the beer made the good old way
Heileman’s [clap clap clap] Old Style
Aged and mellowed for many a day
Heileman’s [clap clap clap] Old Style…
If you know good beer
And you want real beer
You’ll drink the beer of the grenadier
Heileman’s [clap clap clap] Old Style!

If you don’t know what a grenadier is (and I must admit I didn’t), Wikipedia says “A grenadier (from French, derived from the word grenade) was originally a specialized soldier, first established as a distinct role in the mid-to-late 17th century, for the throwing of grenades and sometimes assault operations.” And in between lobbing grenades, they were drinking beer, I must assume.

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