Born on this date: Jodie Foster

Jodie FosterActress, director, film producer, and two-time Oscar-winner Jodie Foster turns 51 today, November 19.

For a while in the ’60s and ’70s, it was practically a law in Hollywood that every tomboy role had to go to Jodie Foster. Then the law was amended to include Kristy McNichol.

Below, see Jodie on The Courtship of Eddie’s Father as “Joey,” a tomboy and bully who keeps beating Eddie up. In fact, she knocks out one of his teeth.

Jodie Foster in Courtship of Eddie's Father
Mrs. Livingston tries conversion therapy on Jodie Foster on The Courtship of Eddie’s Father

At the suggestion of Mr. Eddie’s Father, Mrs. Livingston tries to teach Joey how to be subservient to men, explaining that this is how it is in Japan.

“Oh?” says Joey. “I’m glad I’m not Japanese.”

“If you try, I think you will find joy in serving the men,” says Mrs. Livingston.

Um, I wouldn’t count on it, Mrs. L.

Jodie Foster in “Bully for You,” The Courtship of Eddie’s Father (November 5, 1969)


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