Oh, Mr. Grant!

Mary Tyler Moore and Ed Asner
Mary Tyler Moore and Ed Asner

Ed Asner turns 84 today, November 15, 2013. He is one of a very few actors to portray the same character in a comedy (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) and a drama (Lou Grant), and the only person to win an Emmy Award for both “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series” and “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series” for portraying the same character.

Here he is reprising his Mr. Grant role in a clever Me-TV promo from a few years ago. As always, he’s gruff but lovable. Watch him utter the famous “I hate spunk!” line!

Ed Asner in Me-TV promo for The Mary Tyler Moore Show

And here are the fun opening credits from his spinoff drama series, Lou Grant, where Mr. Grant is a newpaper editor, having moved on from the TV news producer job he had on Mary Tyler Moore. The credits show the entire lifecycle of a newpaper, from the trees being cut down to the newspaper’s ultimate resting place under a birdcage.

Season 1 opening credits, Lou Grant (1977-78)

Happy birthday, Mr. Grant!


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