Today on the tray: Taffy

salt water taffy
This is what real taffy looks like.

May 23 is National Taffy Day. The chewy candy, associated with beaches and boardwalks, was invented in Atlantic City, N.J. in 1883.

Although Turkish taffy is neither taffy nor Turkish, I had to share this early 1960s commercial for Bonomo Turkish Taffy because of its catchy jingle to the tune of “Hey, Look Me Over!”

“You get chocolate, vanilla, strawberry too—even banana, doodle oodle oo.”

Bonomo Turkish Taffy commercial (~1964)


One comment

  1. Bonomo has relaunched a liitle known treat that I believe was the best tasting candy ever made. It was called Nibbles. They are tender pieces of turkish taffy covered in milk chocolate shaped like little marbles. First you taste the fine milk chocolate then you taste a combination of chocolate and taffy (not ordinary taffy but egg white based creamy and smooth specially formulated turkish taffy and then once the milk chocolate is melted away for the finale you get the soft taffy that lasts. Its a three taste combo in a little ball. It comes in the classic vanilla with milk chocolate or banana with milk chocolate for a real twist. But don’t believe me try it yourself. I promise you will say “wholy molley this is the best sweet ever”!

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