Today on the tray: Vanilla pudding

shake a pudd'n

May 22 is National Vanilla Pudding Day.

I’ve had vanilla Jello pudding, and I’ve had Hunt’s, and I’ve even had Kozy Shack.

But I never heard of this Shake-a-Pudd’n stuff, which they don’t make anymore. It sure looks like fun! The kids in the commercial are jumping around and shaking things, and probably making a mess in the kitchen. No wonder my mother never bought this.

Although I don’t have firsthand knowledge of Shake-a-Pudd’n, I did my research to make sure it really did come in vanilla. A few people remember vanilla fondly as their favorite Shake-a-Pudd’n flavor. Others name butterscotch or strawberry as their top pick.

Royal Shake-a-Pudd’n commercial (1967)

There’s a new kind of puddin’
And kids can make it
It’s called Shake-a-Pudd’n
And all you do is shake it!


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