“Come ride a little train that is rolling down the track to the junction…”

May 11 is National Train Day.

The Hooterville Cannonball
The Hooterville Cannonball

My favorite train happens to be the Cannonball, which runs between Hooterville and Pixley on Petticoat Junction. It’s not fancy, but it stops and waits for you at Drucker’s Store while you do your shopping, and then takes you to the Shady Rest hotel. You get friendly service from Floyd the engineer and Charley the conductor.

“Lots of curves, you bet. And even more when you get…  to the junction. Petticoat Junction!”

This video shows five different versions of the opening credits for Petticoat Junction, reflecting the switch from black and white to color and the changes in the cast. Three different actresses played Billie Jo, two actresses played Bobbie Jo, Bea Benaderet (Kate) died, and in the final two seasons June Lockhart joined the cast as Dr. Janet Craig.

Opening credits, Petticoat Junction (1963-70)


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