Give chocolate syrup to your hyperactive kids for better health!

Vintage Bosco jarIn honor of National Chocolate Egg Cream Day (March 15), here’s a vintage commercial for Bosco Chocolate Syrup (then called “Milk Amplifier”—haha!). Chocolate syrup is, of course, a key ingredient in egg creams, though most aficionados I’ve met prefer U-Bet to Bosco.

The commercial, starring television personality Virginia Graham, must be seen to be believed. It opens with children singing an annoying jingle. Then Graham begins, “Gosh, aren’t children bouncing with energy these days?” (Yes, we now call that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.)

For “better health,” she recommends making “one of the most perfect foods, milk…even more perfect for your children” by adding chocolate syr—I mean, milk amplifier to it. (Yeah, sugar will calm them down.) Among its numerous health benefits, Bosco builds “better teeth.” (That must be why four out of five dentists recommend using chocolate syrup instead of toothpaste.)

Vintage Bosco commercial with Virginia Graham (1950s)


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