Feb. 28 is National Tooth Fairy Day

Imogene Coca as Mary the Good FairyFor National Tooth Fairy Day, here’s to the best tooth fairy ever: Mary the Good Fairy on Bewitched. The character is played by the hilarious Imogene Coca in a two-part episode.

We first meet Mary when she comes to the Stephenses for Tabitha’s lost tooth.

Watch Mary make her first appearance at 7:10.

Bewitched, “Mary, the Good Fairy” (Jan. 21, 1971)

When Mary has too much brandy, Samantha is forced to don the wings herself and sub for the inebriated tooth fairy. Then Mary goes AWOL and Samantha is stuck with the job.

Meanwhile Darrin is working on an ad campaign for the Reduce-a-lator, a weight loss contraption that conveniently hides Sam’s tooth fairy wings when she is discovered by Larry Tate and the client.

Here’s a nice little recap I found of the second part, “Mary the Fairy Strikes Again.” And here’s a bit of trivia: Did you know that a tooth fairy outfit is made from spun milkweed and can only be cleaned by flying low over a wheat field?


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