Late columnist advised talking horse

Did you know that the late advice columnist Abigail Van Buren, who died today (Jan. 16, 2013), once appeared as herself on the sitcom Mister Ed? It seems the talking horse wrote to Dear Abby seeking love advice in the 1964 episode, “Ed Writes Dear Abby.”

MISTER ED: Wilbur, why don’t we write a letter to Dear Abby? She could give us advice on what I should do.

WILBUR: Okay, we’ll write Dear Abby. How’s this? “Dear Abby, my horse told me that he wants to leave home and have his own swinging bachelor apartment. Do you think he’s right? Signed, Butterfly Net.” Because that’s exactly what they’ll throw over me.

MISTER ED: You don’t have to say your horse told you. Tell her it was your cat.

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