Inside Mary Richards’s apartment

Mary Tyler Moore turns 76 today (Dec. 29, 2012). She, of course, starred as Mary Richards on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Mary Richards lived in a charming studio apartment that, for many of us who grew up in the ’70s, fueled our fantasies of what our own first apartments might look like.

How did they come up with the design of Mary’s apartment? They actually found the window first, and the rest of the set was designed around it. Did you know that in the house used for the exterior shots, there was only unfinished attic space behind Mary’s window? (It has since been made into a media room and office space.) The sunken living area’s true purpose was to make sure all the actors in a scene could be visible. Great thought went into all the furnishings and accessories—even the cookie jar. Here are some tips on how to furnish and accessorize your apartment just like Mary’s!

Here’s a page about Mary’s apartment including photos from various angles that highlight the different features — the galley kitchen, the bookshelves, the beamed ceilings, etc.

See the inside of the actual house, including what it looked like in 2009.


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