It takes awhile to eat a Choco-dile!

Dec. 16 is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. Yes, anything can be covered in chocolate, even a Twinkie, which is then called a Choco-dile.

I never heard of Choco-diles—but from what I’ve gathered online, it seems they were introduced by Hostess in the late ’70s and were popular in the ’80s. This looks like ’70s animation to me, but I can’t say definitively. Choco-diles even have their own hyperactive, needy mascot, Chauncey, whose catchphrase is “It takes awhile to eat a Choco-dile!”

Choco-diles commercial



  1. What a wonderful blog! I’m just catching up on things so excuse me for leaving a comment on such an old post.

    As I recall, it was probably around 1974 when I remember seeing this commercial as the introduction for Choco-diles. My memory also tells me that they only ran during local programming so perhaps that explains why you among many others never heard of this Hostess snack (maybe it was up to each local bakery as to whether or not to make them). I can reinforce this because, when my family moved later in the 70s to another region of the country, Choco-diles were nowhere to be found.

    Where I live now in Southern California, they seemed to appear out of nowhere again in the late 1990s, this time as a discount item. The wrapping was now white instead of clear but Chauncey was still on it. They were usually 79 cents each or, sometimes, two for whatever.

    With their spotty history, I have to wonder if they will ever return once the Hostess brands start hitting the shelves again.

      • Earlier this year, a company called Apollo Global Management won the rights to all of the old Hostess snack cake brands. I do not know if they will all come back under the Hostess name but I recall a report on NPR that genuine Twinkies will slowly start appearing on shelves later this year followed by other snacks to be determined later.

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