A “gentleman’s gentleman” needs a snood

sebastian cabot as mr french
Sebastian Cabot as “Mr. French” on Family Affair

Remember when Mr. French on Family Affair tried to buy a snood for his beard? It happened in the episode “A Matter of Privacy” (pronounced the British way with a short “i”), which aired February 3, 1969. You see, Mr. French was on the phone trying to find out where to obtain a beard snood, explaining with some embarrassment that when he slept, his whiskers became disheveled.  (Today he would just go online to find one.) What he didn’t know was that those scamps, Buffy and Jody, were recording the conversation, under the influence of an immoral friend who got his comeuppance later in the episode.

I wish I had a picture of Mr. French actually wearing the beard snood, but they never showed it. In fact, we never found out if he ultimately succeeded in finding one. It’s a loose end they left hanging—maybe as a ploy to get us to come back the following week.


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