Today on the tray: Canned macaroni & cheese and June Lockhart

Can you believe that tomorrow it will be June already? June is one of my favorite months of the year — and one of my favorite Junes is June Lockhart. She’s known by many for her portrayal of TV moms Ruth Martin in Lassie and Maureen Robinson in Lost in Space. And let’s not forget, “There’s that lady M.D., she’s as pretty as can be, at the junction… Petticoat… Junction.”

If this commercial is to be believed, the famous TV mom served her family Franco-American Macaroni with Cheese Sauce from a can:

Franco-American Macaroni with Cheese commercial with June Lockhart (1959)

Hi, I’m June Lockhart. You know, I think people sometimes forget how good macaroni and cheese can be!

Did you know there’s a Facebook group for “Lovers of Franco American Canned Macaroni and Cheese“? Well, now you know.

Have a terrific June (Lockhart)!




  1. 1. I had no idea there was such a thing as canned Mac & Cheese.
    2. Had no idea it’s still manufactured.
    3. Let’s raise a glass – or a spoonful of Mac & Cheese – to the fab Juen Lockhart!

    • I had it once; it felt like having slimy worms with cheese sauce in my mouth. At first I was surprised that she would endorse such a product, but I give her a pass because there was so much disgusting prepared food in the 1950s and people at the time thought that was fine.

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