Today on the tray: Cream Puff (the Magic Dragon)

January 2 is National Cream Puff Day


cream puffCream puffs are rich desserts that made their debutin the United States in 1880. However, the first cream puff originated in Europe sometime during the 1540s when Catherine de Medici’s pastry chef created the baked puffed shells for Catherine’s husband, Henry II of France.

In honor of National Cream Puff Day, here is a performance by Cream, followed by a performance of “‘Puff’ (the Magic Dragon).” Cream+Puff =Cream Puff. Oh, I am so clever.
album covers of cream and puff the magic dragon

Cream, “Sunshine of Your Love”

Peter, Paul & Mary, “Puff (the Magic Dragon)” (1965)


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