Today on the tray: Hoagies

May 5 is National Hoagie Day. But you can celebrate whether you call it a hoagie, a sub, a grinder, or a hero.

Clearly this video for Wawa’s 2009 HoagieFest is inspired by the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. And the jingle sounds suspiciously like “Nowhere Man.”

Wawa HoagieFest ad (2009)

So if they were going to go with that concept, why didn’t they call the celebration SubmarineFest or SubFest? Well, hoagie seems to be the preferred term in Pennsylvania, where Wawa was founded and is based. This article offers several theories as to the origin of the name “hoagie” in Philadelphia.

Hoagie FestNow let’s play a game. Try making up your own hoagie-themed Beatles song titles. Here are a few to get you started:

  • All You Need Is a Hoagie
  • Can’t Buy Me Hoagies
  • A Day in the Life (of a Hoagie)
  • Help! (I Need a Hoagie!)
  • I Saw Her Standing There Eating a Hoagie
  • I Want to Hold Your Hand, So Put Down That Hoagie

You get the idea. See how many you can come up with!



  1. Sub, sub me do. Sub is all we say in Texas. I never heard “hoagie” until Cosby said it on his show. And thanks for giving me flashbacks to all the psychedelic posters on the walls at record stores in the 70s. I can almost smell the patchouli.

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