Hey, Judy Garland! Your Christmas special is a rip-off of Glee!

Glee’s 2011 Christmas episode includes a delightful homage to the 1963 Judy Garland Christmas Special. In a black-and-white show within the show, “bachelors” Kurt and  Blaine host a party for their friends in a Swiss chalet.

After seeing the Glee episode, I just had to see the real thing. It didn’t disappoint. Below is the special, complete with vintage commercials. Judy is joined by her children (Liza Minelli, Lorna & Joey Luft), as well as Jack Jones and Mel Torme.

Glee did a remarkable job of recreating the set and capturing the feeling of the original.

Not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the Glee episode. A review on Buddy TV says, “Are the writers of this show under some delusion that everyone who watches Glee is a gay man in his 50s? Because that seems to be the target demo of this black-and-white special.” Hee hee, it’s funny because it’s true. Well, almost; I was only 48 in 2011.

Below is some behind-the-scenes dish about Judy and the special. Aw, leave poor Judy alone.

Billy Ingram commentary, TV Party


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